Exploring portwine-paradise (4/7): Tradition meets modernity

Finally in the Douro I visit one of my favorite Quintas. Winemaker Tiago Alves de Sousa belongs to the rising new generation.

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Exploring portwine-paradise (1/7): The golden bull


On their website, the Coelho family writes „The first moment you enter our Quinta, we would like to take you away …“ and they definitely did it with us. Quinta de Tourais offers winelovers an idyllic place to stay.

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Trip to Bordeaux? Visit La cité du vin!

German Version

It is not just the perfect mix of old monumental and new airy and vivid buildings that makes Bordeaux such an inviting metropolis. To me it is especially the topic of wine that is so exciting about this area and thus I was really keen to visit the Cité du vin. This very modern winemuseum – that somehow reminds me of a futuristic decanter – was built on the shores of the Gironde in 2016.

Cité du vin – un monde de cultures. What a name! But can it keep up to such expectations, even if situated in Frances wine-mecca?

Read my upshot in advance: This museum is bloody fascinating, but once you pull the plug there will be little left oft it…

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My TOP 5 from Wine Salon Natürel 2017


Cidre, Sake and wines of all colours: Wine Salon Natürel 2017 satisfies with cozy atmosphere, an openminded, relaxed spirit as well as a strong field of international winemakers. Organic wine is booming! For me there were heaps of products without added sulfur to discover. Have a quick look look at my TOP 5:

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Wine circus in town // ProWein spinn-off events

This weekend is THE weekend for winelovers! Experts from all over the world come to the German Rhineland to get together and present their wines. The main event for all of the experts is the ProWein in Dusseldorf, starting this sunday 19th ending on the 21st.

For all of you from near and far, who are just winefreaks but no professionals: Please do not sit in your hotel rooms. That is an absolute no go! Go out, meet nice people and drink brilliant wines!!!  There are heaps of great spinn-off-events. Where? I will let you know! Some of them are sold out quickly so be quick and have a look:

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Don’t cross out: Mallorquin wines should be on your list!

German Version

We ‚re driving through Petra in drizzling rain. The streets are empty. Finally we drive by a poster that says „Miquel Oliver“. The big building is surrounded by red and green vineyards. The interior is modern with a fancy chandelier made of white bottles. 

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