My TOP 5 from Wine Salon Natürel 2017


Cidre, Sake and wines of all colours: Wine Salon Natürel 2017 satisfies with cozy atmosphere, an openminded, relaxed spirit as well as a strong field of international winemakers. Organic wine is booming! For me there were heaps of products without added sulfur to discover. Have a quick look look at my TOP 5:



Stop 1: Cidre from Normandie/France

Cidre seems to pick up pace these days. I take a sip of „This side up“ and taste a tingling dry aroma of ripe apples. Cyril Zangs makes this Cidre out of 10 different apple types that all grow together in one of his orchards. To me a chilled glas of Cidre is definitely an alternative to a whitewine in summertime.


2 – Dry Red from Loire/France

I stay with the French and taste the biodynamic reds of Paul Gilette. His winery is situated in the Tours region where he and his wife produce 10 different wines on 8 hectare of land.  Four of them are bubblies. Today however he presents his redwines. I try both, like both but favor the R2L’O. Scarlet in colour, dry, beautifully fruity and just easy to drink. Take it with food or without – it’ll both work!

3 – Orange from Pfalz/Germany

Now getting to home soil but on the still very new terrain of orange. The orange wines of the Benzingers are balanced, not bitter at all and shine in a light orange. The sophisticated vintner had the courage to change the whole process of winemaking in his business after 40 years. Since 2014 he now produces organic wines, which also means that about 70% of his grapes now have to be handpicked. If you plan on testing Orange these awarded wines are a must!


4 – Bubbles from Czech Republic

Jarda’s and Petr’s sparkling wine surprises me. Totally harmonic. Perfect tingling in combination with a taste of ripe apples and energizing acidity. I was actually expecting something really crazy but this is just elegant and perfectly produced. Who would have thought?! Bring on those bubbles from Czech Republic!


5 – White from Campania/Italy

Luigi’s Cantina del Barone is beautifully located in between the mountains of Campania on Italys West-Coast. Here you can find 300 year old vines. The small winery produces two whites. Each white grows on it’s own vineyard. One of the wines is called Paone alluding to the majestic being of a peacock. It is an elegant wine made from Fiano, an autochthone Italian grape that brings a light yellow as well as a spicy aroma into your glas.


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