Don’t cross out: Mallorquin wines should be on your list!

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We ‚re driving through Petra in drizzling rain. The streets are empty. Finally we drive by a poster that says „Miquel Oliver“. The big building is surrounded by red and green vineyards. The interior is modern with a fancy chandelier made of white bottles. 

, Pilar Oliver herself explains us a lot about the winery and also answers all my questions about indigenous mallorquin grapes. Inspite of a bunch of other customers she takes her time, is very friendly and shares her knowledge with me. „We work very hard. But when you open a bottle and the wine is really good you still think WOW!“

    In this tasting I get to know four autochthone mallorquin grapes. Three of them – Callet, Mantonegro and Fogoneu – are red. One of them – Prensal blanc/Moll – is white. Quite a lot for such a small region don’t you think?!

The Son Caló Blanc is a very light and soft wine with only little alcohol. Very nice for hot summerdays. The prensal blanc grape is not as compact, Pilar explains. That is why it fits so well into the humid climate of the island.


The Son Caló Negre (Callet & Fogoneu) is the younger one of both reds, was not in a wooden barrel and is therefore more fruity. I like it, but prefer the darkred, almost purple Mont Ferrutx (Callet, Mantonegro & Fogoneu). It has something special, is somehow demanding but still balanced. A brilliant wine!

The Olivers plant Mantonegro in the Binissalem region, Callet and Fogoneu in Petra. As I know from earlier adventures it’s not easy to find a bottle of pure Mantonegro. Most of the times mallorquin vintners mix it with popular international grapes, probably to cater to the palate a little more. Easy drinking is the keyword.


I reckon Mallorca’s leading vintners are up to date and like to experiment. That does not mean they tug away the good old classics. No! It just means more variety, more blends and more brilliant wines. During the next years we will find more and more of those mallorquin wines on menus around the globe. Anima Negra made a good start and others will definitely follow.

Thank you for a great tasting experience Pilar! This traditional family bodega offers great wine for reasonable prices. You all should go when you are on Mallorca! For more info look at

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