Wine circus in town // ProWein spinn-off events

This weekend is THE weekend for winelovers! Experts from all over the world come to the German Rhineland to get together and present their wines. The main event for all of the experts is the ProWein in Dusseldorf, starting this sunday 19th ending on the 21st.

For all of you from near and far, who are just winefreaks but no professionals: Please do not sit in your hotel rooms. That is an absolute no go! Go out, meet nice people and drink brilliant wines!!!  There are heaps of great spinn-off-events. Where? I will let you know! Some of them are sold out quickly so be quick and have a look:

Aldi Süd Pop-Up-Store in Dusseldorf, Schadowplatz (17. – 21.3.2017)

Tasting for everyone for free! For five days in a row Germanies top discounter shows its top-range wines including presentations of wellknown German vintners.

Weinsalon Natürel, Stadtgarten Köln (Cologne) (18. – 19.3.2017)

Trade fair for international natural wines. Very casual, a lot of fun and great experiences! Come in and try! It’s fun!

WeinSalonNatürel 2016

ProWein goes City, Dusseldorf (17.-21.3.2017)

Official spinn-off of ProWein. Heaps of events to take part in. Have a look at the program:

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