Two German classics // Grandmas barley-stew meets German Riesling

German Version

Good wine needs to be paired with good food. So a good wineblog needs to deal with good food from time to time I think! That’s why today I will pair two German classics: A traditional German Riesling Cabinet from the German area of Rheinhessen with grandmas barley-stew recipe. The acidity combines perfectly with the salty seasoning of the stew….

Being the poor guys‘ food some people may think that a barley-stew is not classy enough to pair with wine. But I doubt this! Try for yourself and you will see! But take your time, it takes some preparations as well as it takes a true while to simmer . Yes indeed there is a reason why grandma and grandpa started to cook right after breakfast in order to be ready by midday…


So here you go, here is the recipe:

1 slice of beef leg (bone with meat)

3 laurel leafs

ca. 250-300 gram of barley

1/4 celery

2 – 3 carrots

3-4 potatoes

1 leek

3 – 4 tea spoons of vegetable stock


Wash barley and leave it for a few hours in the water. Afterwards cook it in fresh water in a separate pot.

Now put the beef-slice in a pot of boiling water and add three laurel leafs. Soon the water will be covered with foam. Use a spoon to take the foam of and throw it out. After 1 hour take out the meat, wait a while for it to cool down then cut it in little pieces and put it back into the pot. Throw away fat and bones.


Now you add potatoes, carrots and leek – all cut in little pieces – to the pot. Cut the celery in two big pieces and add it too. Celery as well as laurel leafs will be taken out at the end. They are just there to add some flavour… Flavour also comes from the vegetable stock. Add 3 teaspoons, taste it and if it is not seasoned enough you just add another spoon.


In the end you add the pre-boiled barley and leave the soup on the stove to simmer for another 1-2 hours depending on the texture of the barley. When it’s done, take aut celery as well as laurel leafs and ENJOY!!! Thanks grandma!



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