Majorcan „Sang de Bou“ // Get a refill – safe water!

It’s octobre but the sun still heats up the asphalt of Binissalem. We walk through narrow lanes. It’s midday so everything seems quite sleepy due to siesta… The big and wellknown wineries are located at the outskirts. I will go there later for sure! But apart of that I would like to see what else this town has to offer. Suddenly we stand in front of a huge open gate and look at massive wooden barrels.


img_1030-0Inside it smells like old and vinegar. Big warn out bottles are stacked left and right of the barrels. Total cellar atmosphere. No fancy tasting area in sight. In the rear a lady fills wine from a barrel into a cask. Our short tasting seems more like a scene from a silent movie due to the lack of a shared language. But inspite of our poor Spanish knowledge we manage to buy a 4 litre bottle „sang de bou“. We pay not more then 10,40 Euro. 3 Euro deposit for the mega-bottle are already included. Only later , when talking to a Majorcan who knows some English, I find out what it means: „Bull’s Blood“. And indeed the taste of this thick dry redwine truly is a bit metallic.

 It’s great to know that the vintner of this small Bodega tries to live as eco-friendly as possible. That is why he invented his own refundable deposit system. Clients can either just bring back the bottle or directly get a refill in their own – in the bodega itself or in the small shop in Santa Catalina. The second option even saves the water for cleaning and thus helps to safe it – on an island that recurrently suffers from water shortage during summertime.

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