5 reasons to visit Berlin-Mitte // Tips for wine-enthusiasts

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Hello Berlin, it has been a long time since we have met! This vivid metropolis always offers new experiences – in terms of cuisine, shopping and culture.

Here you will find my latest tips: 5 reasons to visit Berlin-Mitte!

Nobelhart & Schmutzig


In the western part of the Friedrichstraße, close to famous „Checkpoint Charlie“, you can find a rather hidden Michelin-Star.

The window of this starred restaurant is unpretentious and actually does not remind me of a restaurant at all. To me it seems to be a mixture of an oldfashioned German hairdressing salon from the fifties, or the display of a funeral home maybe. I would have never expected it to host Billy Wagner’s  gourmet paradise. We almost run by… Almost fortunately!

We ring the golden doorbell to get in. The Menu says: „Please take memories, not photos!“ So that’s what I did. You really should find out for yourself. It was an amazing evening with heaps of delicate dishes, excellent wines and really great service. The ingredients of the meals mostly come from the Berlin area and surroundings. Simply a long lasting impression.

Friedrichstraße 218



Bar a Vin


Opposite of the „Tränenpalast“ you can sit on the riverside of the Spree. But it is even nicer inside this tiny little Bar. The radio is playing French chansons and I immediately feel like being in Paris. The huge winemenu offers heaps of French and some German wines. How on earth should I make a decision? There are so many good ones!


After a while I decide on a really good and not to cheap bottle of Bordeaux.  You only live once right?! If we cannot finish it here it can be korked up again to take home…

Schiffbauerdamm 6-7



Supreme Replicas


Close to Hackesche Märkte I stop and stare at a shopwindow. „What the heck?!“ Then I see this bunch of pubescents and nerds nearby. Like a swarm of overexcited bees they move in and out of the entrance. I have to check this out! I walk in and… run straight into Red rangers arms. „Holy Moly!“ From the opposite shelf Dobby the elf is critically inspecting me as if saying: What the hell is she doing here?!


In the back of the shop I find a whole lot of weapons – from swords and daggers to crossbows and knight’s armours. I am impressed I have to admit. Here you can find it all, even a throne if needed or wanted. What I did not find is the holy (wine-)grail. Maybe I just missed it. My fault!


At least I was able to hold the Elder-Wand in my very own hands for once… „May the force…“ Hang on, this is something else. „EXPELLIARMUS!!!“

Oranienburger Straße 4





Underneath the viaducts of the city railway you can find several restaurants and bars. One of them is the Ampelmann, named after the famous traffic light figures of eastern Berlin in DDR times. (Did you know you can actually find out if you are in the eastern or western part of Berlin by simply looking at the traffic lights?) Apart from a really nice atmosphere the Ampelmann offers good food and wines.


When the sun is shining you should definitely take a seat outside to have a look at the river, it’s cruising ships and the small island with all those pretty museum buildings. It feels like being on holidays, especially when Ampelmann’s beachbar is open and a slight breeze is sweeping through the big trees.

Stadtbahnbogen 159-160



Maxim – Bar à Vin


I walk along Weinmeisterstrasse. Nice area. There has to be something interesting around here I am thinking. Then I detect this idyllic winebar and shop. What a great thing, two in one! And again this charming French atmosphere. The Maxim bar a vin sells natural wines only and was currently ranked among the top 40 winebars of Germany.

Gormannstraße 25


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