Meine Auslese on tour // My very own highlights from ProWein

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I went to ProWein, a Düsseldorf-based, international trade fair, for the first time this week. Once a year wineexperts from all over the world get together at this event. In the following blog-post you will read about my very own ProWein highlights:

The Australian Riesling


Australian Riesling sounds exotic to me! That’s why I’m surprised when Simone offers me a Riesling at first. When I visited Western Australian Leeuwin Estate in 2011 I did not get a taste of that one. The Aussie Riesling however is quite different from a German one. Somehow more green, like grass. Fits the modern label of the frog!


The Chinese Wine


I did not know there are so many Chateaux in China. 😉 The Chardy that we get offered is basically not a wine to me and does not taste like anything I would like to consume again. In order to treat our palate with care we kindly ask for the top range product. It’s a dry red from the region of Bejing. A drinkable table wine. To reach french and european wine standards some more work has to be done. But still it was a great experience!


The Austrian Muskateller 


At the booth of Austrian family winery Wohlmuth we regained our joy of tasting. Every sip a true pleasure. Especially the 2015 Gelber Muskateller. I liked every wine I was offered. This friendly vineyard produces top quality wines!


The Modena-ham


If you taste heaps of wines, foodwise you need to be prepared! Nothing better than Italian Antipasti at this point. Ham and cheese and bread. But whoever thought Italian quality ham is a synonym for Parma – simply wrong! This Modena-ham was delicious!
The Party-wine 


Something different: Shake it, open it, drink it – straight out of the bottle. This unfiltered wine is great for Parties and Festivals. The Slogan of the young big bang wine-team is 100% wine, 100% unfiltered and 100% vegan. I’m curious where I will see this new wine-idea again!


The Port-Seminar


The port-seminar by Axel Probst took place at the lounge of German publishing company Meininger. I learned a lot about the Douro, Porto, the history of Port and tasted several great portwines. I especially liked the dark-red Late Bottled Vintage Port 2010 of Quinta do Passadouro.


The French Rosé-Bar


The essence of southern France! A Rosé-bar with bottles as far as my eyes can see. Amazing colour! I have never seen something like this before. But honestly, who the bloody hell is able to start tasting all those wines from the very beginning until the far end and tell me all about the little differences between those various bottles?! Certainly this only works with spitting. I guess I have to practice some more before I get back next year!


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