Just for girls?: Rosé-Port 

Especially during holidays we like to experience new things and taste new food and drinks. So when I went to the Netherlands for a few days, of course I took some time to stroll through a nice wine and spirits shop.

My first impression was they had a lot of stuff to offer from a lot of different regions. Very often however I found bottles from Southafrica and Southamerica. These regions seem to be very popular with the Dutch at the moment. And of course there is nothing to say about a good Pinotage or a Malbec… not at all! So that was satisfying for me. Nevertheless I was there to find something unexpected and new to me. Suddenly I spotted a bottle of Rosé-Port, which I have to admit, I never knew to exist. Great. Goal achieved! This was unexpected.
After my finding I also decided on a small bottle of southafrican desertwine. A quite pricey white with 12 Euro for 0.375 ml I have to admit. But you need to spoil yourself from time to time right?! Also with my birthday coming up and so on. The shop owner spoilt me aswell when she asked for my ID at the counter. Really made my day I told her…

The tasting of the Rosé-Port I made only a few days later with a bunch of lovely girls. Warm or icey was the question of this tasting.

Result: Six to one for the original warm drinking style. It was a good test to see if you can drink a port icecold when it is awfully hot outside. To me the cold port lost a lot of its usual body – which is anyway slimmer with a Rosé-Port – and tasted a lot more like a spirit.


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