Mix it baby! // Make your own German Glühwein

No matter what the wheather says: In december it is time for Germans to have their weekly dose of Glühwein! A German speciality made of hot redwine, cloves, lemon and more. You can either buy it at the various christmas markets, ready made in the supermarket OR MAKE IT at home and invite your friends over for a glas or three!

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Just for girls?: Rosé-Port 

Especially during holidays we like to experience new things and taste new food and drinks. So when I went to the Netherlands for a few days, of course I took some time to stroll through a nice wine and spirits shop.

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Australia’s most easterly vineyard

Meet Ilnam Estate, Australia’s most easterly vineyard! The family business is situated in the mountains off the Gold Coast. For about 40 minutes we drive through rolling farmland with stunning views of the skyline of Surfers Paradise. We are lucky with the tasting as the vintner himself pours out. Australia’s most easterly vineyard weiterlesen